We rent the majority of our rooms on an annual basis from 1st September - 31st August

June - Renewals of existing tenancies

  • We contact our current tenants each June to find out their plans for the coming year

  • We hope the majority will renew their tenancies

  • If they do not renew current tenants vacate on 31st August. In July we advertise their rooms to new tenants

July - Advertising and viewings

  • In July we advertise every room available to rent for the coming year - those not re-rented by current tenants

  • These will be usually be ready for new tenants to rent from 1st September

  • We offer viewings throughout July

Other Times of the year

  • From time to time we have rooms available during the year

  • Our break points are 1st December, 28th Feb and 31st May

  • So we usually have a few extra rooms available around these times and we advertise them on Spareroom

I saw your advert on Spareroom. The room looks perfect for me
When can I organise a viewing?

We advertise every room we have available on